A New Mexico Non-Profit training wild horses for adoption

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Our Mission:Working with wild horse programs to minimize captive horse suffering, promoting modern training methods, and campaigning to create successful adoptive placements.

Our Program
Deep within Largo Canyon in the back country of northern New Mexico, we are developing pre-adoption gentling methods to both help mustangs find adopters and insure that adopters have successful experiences with their mustangs.

We're taking horse taming out of the realm of a dying cowboy art and putting it squarely into 21st century training technology.

We work with mustangs of all ages and genders and have a high success rate with older and more reactive horses. If you have a mustang with problems, we can help. Giving up is not a choice you have to accept.

Minimize Captive Horse Suffering
Promoting Scientific Training
Mustang Trainers School Learn science-based
methods that work on all kinds of animals.
Only $1500 including food and lodging.
Working student positions also available.

Our Animal Training Book is now for sale:

Learn how to train any kind of animal using the scientific principles of behavior modification.

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Zebra Training
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