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 Ricky  titled  7  Gelding     12  Ricky came back from an adoption where his adopter simply didn't have time for him. Ricky is laid back and has perfect pony conformation. We've given him a lot of handling and ground driven him in preparation for becoming a cart pony. His next owner must have love and time for this beautiful boy.
 Llorona     6 Mare     Big, nice moving cremello mare from the Wall Canyon HMA in California. Very high energy and clever. A unicorn that needs to be kept busy. She may have issues with her hind pasterns, but the veterinarian who examined her said she is not lame and will be suitable for light riding. We will be getting x-rays to determine the extent of this problem.
 Pippi  6 Mare 13.2 She loves to be scratched and is very trusting of people. She was exceptionally quick to learn throughout the program until we got to the trailer, but she has even that under her belt now. A very feminine mare, who in the wild would have been in charge. Her stocky build will make her into a very special riding horse. Can be very aggressive toward other horses, so we recommend her as a only horse.
 Donatello 3308 6  Gelding  Don was a five year old stallion when he was captured in 2016. He has a stock horse build with flashy hind stockings accentuating his muscles. He seems to be gaited and we will post video on his page as we get it. He was captured outside of a herd management area in Nevada. Don has decided he likes people, but he is still pretty excitable.
  Leonardo 3013 6  Gelding This is a truly gorgeous bay but initially was a little doubtful about humans. He was captured in August of 2016 from the Silver King HMA (NV). The BLM estimated his age as 6, but he may be older. After he overcame his distrust of humans, he turned into a very nice horse to work with because of his calm demeanor.
  Michaelangelo 3310 6  Gelding  Mike was captured outside of a herd management area in Nevada as a five year old. His color is a rich grey brown with yellowish highlights. He loves being petted and scratched except when he is nervous about his world.


Adoption will be arranged through the rescue organization owning the animal.
  Valoroso McKinley County Humane Society 3  Stallion Valoroso got caught stealing hay at the Gallup Flea Market in January of 2017. He seems to have wandered into town from the Navajo Nation. We are getting him ready to be gelded. He has a very kind demeanor but when he is deprived of equine companions, he tries to bite and play with the humans.    
  Tango McKinley County Humane Society 4 Mare     Tango was picked up by the NM Livestock Board from somewhere north of Bernalillo, NM. She is coming around quickly to some TLC. We have plans for her to gain 100 lbs and get her feet trimmed. Stay tuned for the make-over!
  SalsaMcKinley County Humane Society     6 Mare  Salsa and her filly foal arrived at Mustang Camp at the end of August. Like Tango, they were picked up by the NMLB and sent to a rescue. Salsa is going to be a very calm horse when she is finally integrated into domesticity. Her foal is all business and human friendly.


Jerome 3734
 Jerome 3734 Gelding    Cibola/Trigo, AZ     2016  An older guy that loves to be petted, but would rather not be pressured to do much. He is very aggressive against dogs and might be a good protector donkey. He is a favorite for his affectionate/grumpy attitude. He will stand for hours to be petted.
 Yuma 3721 Jenny  2011 6  Cibola/Trigo, AZ 2016   Roan Probably much older than the age she was estimated to be by the BLM. She gave birth to a cute little jack that we named Riley. Riley loves to be petted.
 Winona 3731 Jenny  2011 6  Cibola/Trigo, AZ 2016 Pink Perhaps aged correctly, Winona is a donkey that would prefer to avoid anything new or different.
 Kayenta 3750 Jenny  2007 10  Cibola/Trigo, AZ 2016 GrayKayenta gave birth to a jack foal that we named Peabody. Both of them love to be scratched. 
 Bisbee 3768 Jenny  2015 2  Cibola/Trigo, AZ 2016 Gray/Tan Young skitterish donkey.


 Cuddles  9150  3  Mare  13.1  Bay, excitable, challenging to train. Does well with extreme consistency and a very light hand.
Bay horse
 Denali    10  Gelding  14.2  Bay, studly, titled horse with cartilage filled right hock. Unsound for riding, but a lot of personality.
Gizelle  7232 10  Mare   14  Bay, excitable. titled horse (for sale, not adoption), would make good packhorse.
 Sequoia  7234  12  Mare   13.1  Dark bay, shy, quiet, titled (for sale, not adoption). Would make good packhorse.
 Tesla  7301  7  Gelding  14  Unsound, excitable, $25 adoption fee   

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