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 Selkie  0390  2  Mare  13.2  Pretty dark bay captured from West Douglas HMA as a 2yr old. A little bit bossy.
 Vixen  titled  5  Mare 12   Wiley black pony from the Jarita Mesa HMA. She's quick and a bit emotional. Not good as a kid's pony.
 Ricky  titled  7  Gelding     12  Ricky came back from an adoption where his adopter simply didn't have time for him. Ricky is laid back and has perfect pony conformation. We've given him a lot of handling and ground driven him in preparation for becoming a cart pony. His next owner must have love and time for this beautiful boy.
 Llorona     6 Mare     Big, nice moving cremello mare from the Wall Canyon HMA in California. Very high energy and clever. A unicorn that needs to be kept busy. She may have issues with her hind pasterns, but the veterinarian who examined her said she is not lame and will be suitable for light riding.
 Pippi  6 Mare 13.2 She loves to be scratched and is very trusting of people, even at her early stage of training. A very feminine mare, who in the wild would have been in charge. Her stocky build will make her into a very special riding horse. Can be very aggressive toward other horses.
 Donatello 3308 6  Gelding  Don was a five year old stallion when he was captured in 2016. He has a stock horse build with flashy hind stockings accentuating his muscles. He seems to be gaited and we will post video on his page as we get it. He was captured outside of a herd management area in Nevada.
  Leonardo 3013 6  Gelding  This is a truly gorgeous bay but a little doubtful about humans. He was captured in August of 2016 from the Silver King HMA (NV). The BLM estimated his age as 6, but he may be older.
 Raphael 3325 6 Gelding Captured as a 5 year old in September of 2016 from the Maverick-Medicine HMA (NV), this pretty pinto loves people. He is proceeding through his training at an amazing rate and is sure to be adopted quickly.
  Michaelangelo 3310 6  Gelding  Mike was captured outside of a herd management area in Nevada as a five year old. His color is a rich grey brown with yellowish highlights. He loves being petted and scratched.



Jerry Garcia 5480 Gelding  
2009 7 StateRange, CA 2012 Gray This shaggy boy is shy. He loves to be petted, but anything new really worries him. He needs a loving consistent adopter. (added note: he has now gotten a lot more confident and trusting, but it took a long time)

 Coolidge 3707 Gelding    Cibola/Trigo, AZ    2016 Gray Mr. In-Between, he is not exactly shy or exactly bold. Coolidge pleases his trainers consistently.
Flagstaff 3711
 Flagstaff 3711 Gelding    Cibola/Trigo, AZ     2016  A big bold donkey. He is the animal that gets through his training before anyone else. Would make a very good pack burro racer.
Snowflake 3712
 Snowflake3712  Gelding    Cibola/Trigo, AZ     2016 This little guy is VERY SERIOUS. He concentrates and works with with his ears back, but it's not out of aggression. He just wants to succeed. He is the only one that does not thoroughly enjoy petting, but he likes being with the humans. Winslow 3713 Gelding    Cibola/Trigo, AZ     2016  This little guy is both bold and smart. A pocket donkey. He is quiet and learns quickly. Extremely well built.
 Seligman 3714 Gelding    Cibola/Trigo, AZ     2016  Extremely bold donkey that works hard for his trainers. He would make a good cart donkey with Coolidge as a team-mate. He will guard his human from all approach by other burros.
Jerome 3734
 Jerome 3734 Gelding    Cibola/Trigo, AZ     2016  An older guy that loves to be petted, but would rather not be pressured to do much. He is very aggressive against dogs and might be a good protector donkey. He is a favorite for his affectionate/grumpy attitude.
 Holbrook 3737 Gelding    Cibola/Trigo, AZ     2016  The genius of all donkeys. He loves to be petted and is the trainers favorite.
  Ganado 3776 Gelding    Cibola/Trigo, AZ     2016  With a curl on the end of his tail, Ganado is easy to pick out of the pack. He is a easy to frighten and therefore must be handled carefully and consistently, but because he is willing to try, he is keeping up with all the other donkeys in training (except Holbrook, the genius). 
  Kingman 3791 Gelding    Cibola/Trigo, AZ     2016  This shaggy curly beast, only months from the wild is a calm and friendly guy. He is the archetypal old donkey, but he is willing to try (at his own speed). We believe he is much older than the BLM aged him and probably at least 20 years old.
Prescott 3797
 Prescott 3797 Gelding    Cibola/Trigo, AZ     2016  A tiny brown burro trots from here to there keeping track of his friends. He was human shy but growing friendlier by the day, now he is in your pocket. Learns quickly.
 Paloma 3719 Jenny  2014 3  Cibola/Trigo, AZ 2016 Gray Quick learner that needs a trainer that is smarter than she is. She is pregnant.
 Page 3717 Jenny  2014 3  Cibola/Trigo, AZ 2016 Gray/tan A shy girl that is ready to have a foal. 
 Silverbell 3718 Jenny  20143  Cibola/Trigo, AZ2016 GrayVery much like Seligman in her boldness. She will make a good cart donkey.
 Yuma 3721 Jenny  2011 6  Cibola/Trigo, AZ 2016   Roan Probably much older than the age she was estimated to be by the BLM. She would do well in a pair with Kingman. She appears to be pregnant,
 Winona 3731 Jenny  2011 6  Cibola/Trigo, AZ 2016 Pink Perhaps aged correctly, Winona is a donkey that would prefer to avoid anything new or different.
 Florence 3747 Jenny  2007 10  Cibola/Trigo, AZ 2016 Pink Likes to be scratched and somewhat pregnant.
 Kayenta 3750 Jenny  2007 10  Cibola/Trigo, AZ 2016 Gray Definitely pregnant.
 Bisbee 3768 Jenny  2015 2  Cibola/Trigo, AZ 2016 Gray/Tan Young skitterish donkey.


 Cuddles  9150  3  Mare  13.1  Bay, excitable, challenging to train. Does well with extreme consistency and a very light hand.
Bay horse
 Denali    10  Gelding  14.2  Bay, studly, titled horse with cartilage filled right hock. Unsound for riding, but a lot of personality.
Gizelle  7232 10  Mare   14  Bay, excitable. titled horse (for sale, not adoption), would make good packhorse.
 Sequoia  7234  12  Mare   13.1  Dark bay, shy, quiet, titled (for sale, not adoption). Would make good packhorse.
 Tesla  7301  7  Gelding  14  Unsound, excitable, $25 adoption fee   

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