Online Adoption Form

You will need some photos to complete the online form. The photos are to be sent to When your packet is complete, the photos will be bundled with your application for the USFS to print out and place in your file.
  1. A photo of your corral, showing gate, shelter, and water trough.
  2. A photo of your horse trailer if you will be picking up the horse.
  3. A photo of your drivers license where the number and your name are legible.
You will need to find the geographical coordinates of your corral. This can be found using google maps.
  • Go go
  • In the Maps search box, type in the nearest address to the corral.
  • The marker will probably not be on your corral, so look at the map and find where the corral is.
  • Right click with the cursor on the corral, and choose "What's Here" as the option.
  • A green arrow should appear on the correct location.
  • The coordinates for the arrow will be in the Maps search box.
  • Highlight the coordinates, copy them and then paste them into the appropriate box on the adoption application.
You can pay your adoption fees online through Paypal. The price is $125 unless the horse is 10 years or older. The price for the older horses is $25. The price of specific horses may be discounted from time to time (they have been in holding too long). Please ask if your horse is discounted. You can pay by mailing a check to the USFS or by paying with Paypal. You do not need to have a Paypal account, your credit card will work. Sometimes you can make arrangements to pay at pickup or delivery.... but if we don't have the money in hand, your horse could be adopted by someone else. Payment secures your horse. We will send you the link for payment after your application is approved.

When you complete the adoption application form, it is automatically sent to the Wild Horse Program Coordinator as well as Mustang Camp. We start compiling your file and notify the USFS when your paperwork is complete. Here is the form, click "Submit" when you have finished.