We work with wild horse programs to minimize captive horse suffering, promote modern training methods, and campaign to create successful adoptive placements.


  1. Find effective methods to train all ages of mustangs;
  2. Facilitate successful placement of mustangs in adoptive homes;
  3. Educate individuals in the process of training and placement;
  4. Conduct scientific research into issues pertaining to mustang taming and adoption.

Elements of our program:

  1. Training
  2. Adoption
  3. Education
  4. Research
  5. Fund-raising

For each of these there is special kinds of cost.

  Training Element Objectives

The training method shall produce a mustang that:

  • is human friendly,
  • can be caught and haltered,
  • can be brushed,
  • will lead,
  • will stand tied,
  • will allow his feet to be cleaned, and
  • will load into a horse trailer.

  Adoption Objectives

  • create a demand for mustangs with relationship based training,
  • use modern media outlets to broaden placements to region wide,
  • take mustangs on the road to showcase their desirability,
  • match horses with adopters for good relationship and discourage problematic adoptions,
  • maintain contact with adopters to offer assistance with any problems they experience.

  Education Element Objectives

The student will be able to:

  • train a wild horse using principles of behavior modification,
  • accurately describe the individual horse temperament and physical characteristics, 
  • write an advertisement, 
  • develop a marketing plan to find a horse adopter, and
  • be certified as a mustang trainer and ​wild horse and burro adoption agent.

  Research Objectives

The criteria for research shall be:

  • to have the potential to improve training methods;
  • to increase our understanding of the naive equine mind; or
  • to clarify issues that are difficult to study in domestic horses;
  • to not negatively impact the human-animal bond for any individual mustang studied.