Support Our Program

Our program needs your help to continue research and development into ways to efficiently train horses of all ages. We need to break down the barriers to adoptive success and move horses into forever homes. Your small donation might help feed an older mustang that is waiting for sanctuary placement, transport an intern to camp, pay to patch a tire on the horse trailer, or, perhaps, buy a halter or some colic medicine. A bigger donation might help us buy a reliable horse-delivery truck or insure we will not find ourselves with an empty hay barn in the depth of winter. Donate something other than money?

List of Things You Could Donate:
  • Old Halters
  • Old Saddles especially pack saddles
  • Old brushes
  • Leadropes
  • Harness
  • Hay racks
  • Water Troughs
  • Old  Horse trailers
  • A winning lottery ticket
  • Wheelbarrows
  • Veterinary Supplies
  • Farrier's tools
  • Used laptop computer
  • Classroom digital projector
Become a Volunteer at Mustang Camp

 If you prefer to mail a donation, send it to:
Mustang Camp
PO Box 620
Blanco, New Mexico 87412