Technology of Taming: a school for animal trainers

2017: we are not taking interns who have not completed our 1 week workshop program first.


Internship Program designed for Professional Horsewomen, Animal Trainers, and Animal Welfare Advocates

Instructor: Dr. Patricia Barlow-Irick, Ph.D.

Mustang Camp Training Program

An internship at Mustang Camp is the best way to learn the art and science of animal training. Our program offers more hands on experience than any other science based training program and is the only such program that utilizes large animals or animals not born in captivity.

Our Objective: To prevent animal suffering by promoting humane training methods, facilitate adoption success, and give our students a competitive edge in the world of animal training.

Internship Includes:

Information: Scientific principles and training technology of Applied Behavior Analysis, mustang care and management, and comprehensive understanding of both the government and the non-profit program set up to deal with excess horses from federal lands. 

Practice: Guided hands-on training with multiple wild horses, matched to the student to insure success.

Educational Excellence: Academic curriculum involving books, DVDs, videos, worksheets and lectures to insure students become fluent in the language of animal training and mastery of all things mustang.

Personal Growth: One-on-one personal attention through limited class size (4 maximum) for personal attention in a confidence building environment. Organized to challenge the student yet insure success.

Simplicity: All internship materials, including book, workbook, all meals, and lodging are provided. Internet access is limited but available.


When: The internship program is now linked to the Mustang Training Workshop, which the prospective intern must pay for and attend. If the prospective intern demonstrates that she/he is capable of becoming a trainer and is compatible with ongoing staff, an invitation to stay as an intern will be extended. Instead of departing, the interns stay for the rest of the month.

Where: Largo Canyon School (Mustang Camp Training Facility) in Rio Arriba County, NM 

Tuition: Free after the Workshop for invited students. Extended stays and returning students can be accommodated.

For Registration and Information: Register on the Mustang Training Workshop page.

 More Information

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Mustang Camp Training Facility in New Mexico:

This 15-acre facility is the headquarters for a Mustang Heritage Foundation Store-Front program. The BLM and USFS provide wild horses, which our students train and get adopted. Freed of the distraction of the outside world, attendees can concentrate on learning the technology and skills required to perform at the professional level. Living with the staff and students creates a family-like community. The Mustang Camp experience changes people’s lives for the better. Students return to the outside world with a better understanding of animals and training, equipped to help fearful animals, having made a few life-long human friends, and a earned a certificate of mastery (depending on completion). Most of all they have added an incredible adventure of taming wild horses in the deserts of New Mexico to their life story that will be a part of them forever.

We also offer less intensive experiences, check out our 1 Week Mustang Camp Workshop .