Internship Syllabus

First Day requirements:

  1. 1.       Husbandry video
  2. 2.       Safety video
  3. 3.       Review the requirements on this sheet.

Before you can be an assistant to a trainer you must:

  1. 1.       See the Chicken Camp video and answered the questions on the worksheets;
  2. 2.       Observe each trainer and prepare questions for them to discuss at class;
  3. 3.       See the vocabulary video and pass vocabulary multiple choice test;
  4. 4.       Watch the zone videos and be able to relate them to the Criteria List;
  5. 5.       Participate in a Train the Trainer game.

Before you can be assigned to train a horse:

  1. 1.       Train the Sniffy to press the bar and one other trick;
  2. 2.       Demonstrate that you can lead a horse with no errors;
  3. 3.       Get a trainers recommendation;
  4. 4.       Accumulate 10 training session records under the supervision of the trainers and input it into the computer.
Mustang Camp Manual for Interns
The Camp Manual is an on going project. It has a lot of informative chapters and is available to those people who have a real interest in the training of mustangs.
  • Introduction to the Camp
  • Rudiments: enough to get you started.
  • Safety is Number One
  • Horse Behavior
  • Basic Horsekeeping
  • Chemistry of Emotion
  • Parameters of Animal Well-Being
  • Behavior Modification
    •     Aversive Control
    •     Pleasant Control
    •     Other Issues (Extinction, Duration, DRO)
  • Channels of Communication
  • Taming 101
  • Adoption
  • Gelding and Freezebranding
  • The Laws and Agencies
  • Conformation
  • Miscellaneous Vocabularies