Technology of Taming Online

2016: We are not offering this class online this year.

"At this moment in time, the philosophical underpinnings of human practices of horse training are undergoing a deep and dramatic shift. The internet with its ability to connect millions of interested parties is facilitating a revolution in thinking. We have the ability, with little difficulty, of finding and comparing an extremely wide variety of practices, paradigms, and philosophies. Horse training has a very conservative history, perhaps stemming from its utility in warfare. Many horse handlers practices are simply informed by tradition, but some of us, for what ever reason, are not satisfied with that philosophy and undertake a quest for something more accurate, more in keeping with our personal ethics, and more interesting. For some of us, this takes the form of equine and behavioral science. We want to operate from well-tested principles and understand the theory behind it. We can't discount the effectiveness of traditional practices, but we can understand them in terms of learning theory. We can keep "the best", and replace the rest with something much better. To undertake this quest and do it service we need to be accurate in our language, honest in our intentions, and to never stop questioning the validity of what we accept as true. We have to be willing to admit we were wrong and we have to remain open to other possibilities even as we let go of our cherished traditions."
Patricia Barlow-Irick, April 2015, Equine Traning & Behavior Study Group, FaceBook                        

This program is to help you refine your language, understand more learning theory, and to improve the accuracy of your communications. You will be a better and more informed trainer at the end of it.

The syllabus was developed for the full Mustang Camp program, but many people just don't have time time to come for a month. We are now offering this material as a class covering the essentials of science-based horse training. It's 20 days in a one-month period (weekends off) and it's packed with information. It takes 1 to 2 hours a day (or more). It covers quite a bit of horse ethology as well as Applied Behavior Analysis (or behaviorology). The focus is giving you credibility by making you fluent in the trainers secret language. Check our our educational objectives for this class.

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 The syllabus:
  1. What kind of animal is this?
  2. Basic Horse Anatomy
  3. The Equid Ethogram
  4. Animal Emotion
  5. Fear Itself
  6. Over the threshold: managing fear.
  7. Hierarchy Hypothesis
  8. What is personality?
  9. Welfare and Ethics
  10. Laws of Behavior
  11. Stimulus-Response Relationships
  12. Respondent vs Operant
  13. Antecedents & Behaviors
  14. Consequences
  15. Reinforcement
  16. Punishment
  17. Functional Assessment

The final session is a comprehensive exam, yielding a beautiful certificate you will be proud to display on your office wall.

The class takes place in a class blog format on Blogger and Google Drive and uses a variety of exercises, flashcard drills, videos, links to websites, and scientific literature in addition to our text book How 2 Train A _____

All of this for only $300 

We will be starting new classes on the 4th day of every month except for July when it starts on the 5th. Sign up now, order your book, and try it at no obligation for a week.

This class is a requirement for the Mustang Camp Intensive. It's academically challenging and appropriate for those who love to learn.