Wild Adventure Vacation

Wild horses in a rugged and remote landscape. Surrounded by Apaches on the east and Navajos on the west, we are in the no-mans land.

Mustang Camp is 24 miles off the pavement. You can't even get there if the monsoon rolls over and fills the dry river beds with frothy brown water on it's way to the great Colorado River. You might be waiting until midnight for the swollen river to subside.

A mule ride along the canyon walls reveals panels of petroglyphs where the ancient peoples drew their world. Pot chards and arrowheads testify that we are not the first people to live here.

Mustang Camp offers two programs. The first one is for people who want to become horse training professionals, the second one is for adventure tourism. As an adventure tourist, you can attend the professional classes and receive personal instruction in animal training, but you will not be expected to do the homework, leaving you with more free time to explore the landscape. There is no minimum stay with the adventure package.

The price of $100/day includes your room and board. If you are staying at least 3 days, we will be happy to pick you up from a regional airport or other public transportation depot. We do not guarantee the availability of riding horses.

More information about the facility: Largo Canyon School
Information about the professional program: Internships

To book your stay contact Patricia at MustangCamp@Gmail.com.