Learn how to train mustangs!

Mustang Training Course
Would you like to become a top-notch animal trainer?

Are you concerned about the American Mustang?

Deep within Largo Canyon in the back country of northern New Mexico, we are developing gentling methods to help mustangs make the transition into captivity. We're taking horse taming out of the realm of a dying cowboy art and putting it squarely into 21st century training technology.

This training technology works on all species of animals. It is what they use to train sea mammals, free flight bird shows, agility dogs, zoo animals. Our program will not only qualify you to train mustangs, it will boost your abilities as a trainer of any kind of critter.

Our mission is to work with wild horse programs to minimize captive horse suffering, promote modern training methods, and campaign to create successful adoptive placements. If that is something you would be proud to support and you want to work with animals, please consider our month long summer program.

What you will learn:

  • how train a wild horse using principles of behavior modification,
  • how to use the principles of behavior modification to train any species,
  • how to help privatize excess government horses, and
  • you will be certified by Mustang Camp as a mustang trainer if you complete the classwork and demonstrate fluency in training.

2014 Internship Information.

The following applies to internships from August 2014 onward.
Course: $1500 (including food and lodging).

We have elected to charge one price whether you are coming for a week or a month because the first week of the trainer program is the one that requires full time supervision. You can come for a week, we will even pick you up from the airport, and we will maximize your opportunity to learn as much as possible.

Generous work/study discounts... if you want to attend for at least 4 weeks but can't afford it, apply and send a separate letter telling us how providing you with this program helps our mission. We provide this training free to people volunteering at horse rescues or helping captive mustangs. You can also trade work or things to pay your tuition.

The 2015 classes will focus heavily on Applied Behavior Analysis. These methods apply to all species of animals, so, no matter what you want to work with, this program will make you a great trainer. Classwork every morning and long afternoons of hands on training. We will also have other species of animals to generalize your learning including mules, a zebra, donkeys, dogs, and cats. See our program description.


If you are looking for info on the paid trainer position, we are no longer hiring people who have not completed the internship program.

Check the Largo Canyon School website for information about the facilities.

NOTICE: You may not bring guns onto our property without our written consent. We do not accept students that are taking or have recently taken antidepressant medications.

FAQs About staying at Mustang Camp

Think you can't afford it? Well, don't get discouraged, I want to teach you to train horses if you are going to go on and help more horses. Some money would be nice, but don't let it stand in the way of applying. There is a form to request a scholarship that I will send you if you ask.

Mustang Camp Training Program

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Enjoy a video created by 2010 Interns:

2010 Intern Experiences

It is all about the horse.

Fantasy Checkpoint

If what you eat for dinner or whether you have a shower or how clean the floor might be is critical to your ability to survive and thrive at Mustang Camp, you aren’t going to survive here. Total commitment to training horses and being part of the community is absolutely essential. At times we might be sweaty, dirty, and eating peanut butter on crackers for lunch, but we will be talking about our successes in the training pens. If you can’t see yourself doing that, you won’t be happy here.