Volunteer and Intern Application

This is the first step in a three part application process. After we receive your form, we will send you a second form asking why you want to learn to train mustangs and about your experience with horses; we call the second form the Placement Exam. In 2012, of the hundreds of inquiries received about our program, 62 people filled out the Intern Application you see below. Of these,  33 continued on to fill out the Placement Exam. Finally 18 people sent us travel information about their plans and 16 actually came to Mustang Camp to do internships. We get excited about the prospects of people coming and are disappointed when they don't, but we are really glad when people realize that they don't actually want to come and withdraw from the process. We urge you to think about if you actually could get away from where you are now and spend a month of time with us before you fill the form out. You will be decreasing our rate of disappointment.

Intern Application