Your Application

Thanks for submitting your application. We look at them and try to make a realistic evaluation of whether you could succeed in this environment. If you applied as a volunteer, you will receive another form if we decide to accept you. Sometimes we do not take short term volunteers because of the time it takes to pick people up. Plan on getting yourself to Cuba NM, Farmington NM, or Durango CO for pick up unless you are arriving on the pick up dates for interns.

If you applied as an intern, we need more information. Every month, we accept a student who cannot afford to pay but is serious about learning to train animals, another student who can pay for their room and board and who will be a positive asset to the welfare of horses, and two students who can pay the full fee. If you want to have some or all of your fee waived, ask to apply for the scholarship. We will look for the months where we have lower fee slots still available.

After the initial intern application, you will receive a request for further information if we are able to take you as a student. We are very interested in evaluating you for fit with our community, filtering out people who are difficult to live with, work with, or who approach things with a negative outlook. Filtering protects not only us, but the other interns and volunteers.  Anyone who avoids filling the forms out by writing a letter is automatically not eligible for our internship or training program..

If you are accepted as a paying student, there will be a $500 non-refundable deposit due one month before your internship begins. You can make a payment to through PayPal. We will send you an invoice when your deposit is due. The rest can be paid upon arrival. If we decide to terminate your internship, we will refund a prorated share of the $1000 refundable at $33/day.

Whether you are an intern or a volunteer, the final step is filling out the arrival form. Please do not neglect to fill it out. Then you will receive a notice of being on the calendar. If you want to cancel after being on the calendar, please let us know. The week before arrival, we will want to check in with you. If you are traveling, please make sure you contact us during that time, so we are all on the same page.