Training Assistant Position

We occasionally recruit new assistant trainers. Before we hire you, you will receive the Mustang Camp trainers course and personal instruction as an intern. You will receive a certificate of completion if you complete the coursework and 4 weeks as an intern. If you show any talent towards being an animal trainer, we will offer you a paying position. If you have prior experience training with Applied Behavioral Science, the internship requirement may be waived. We train mustangs from dawn to dark, which means you will acquire an immense amount of hands on experience that would be hard to acquire any other way.

You must follow directions well and approach every day positively to be a good team member. Moody, grumpy, and contrary people should not apply. If you have a bunch of pets and horses or children, its not going to work out. We will not hire smokers. We provide food and lodging. Failure rate for becoming an animal trainer is high but the factors which predict success are self-control, good timing, and enjoyment of working with animals.

Here are the MC Criteria for Trainers:

Criteria For Trainers

Before you can do volunteer work (feeding and mucking):
  • Watch the husbandry video
  • Pass the husbandry text

Before you can be in the pen with horses by yourself:
  • Meet the criteria to to volunteer work.
  • Watch the safety video
  • Pass the Safety test.
Before you can be an assistant trainer:
  • Meet the criteria to be in a pen with a horse.
  • Learn the names of the parts of the horse.
  • Learn to recognize the signs of anxiety, relaxation, and aggression.
  • List some medical factors that might affect the horses ability to learn.
  • Learn to differentiate between different types of measurements and how to make those measurements.
  • Learn to design, plot, and interpret behavioral data using graphs.
  • Identify and differentiate independent and dependent variables.
  • Differentiate between reinforcement and punishment.
  • Contrast the expected results on behavior between application and removal of both aversive and appetitive stimuli as consequences for that behavior.
  • Contrast extinction procedures and results with reinforcement and punishment procedures and results..
  • Differentiate between respondent and operant conditioning, describing the use of each.
  • State the possible unwanted side effects of each type of operant conditioning.
  • Compare and contrast four main types of schedules of positive reinforcement.
  • Describe shaping using an example.
  • Describe chaining using an example.
  • Describe the use of prompts and prompt fading.
  • Explain how a differential reinforcement procedure can be used to decrease an unwanted behavior.
  • Discuss various manipulation of antecedents as a training tool.
  • Explain how to condition a secondary reinforcer or punisher.
  • Interpret the items in a session record to describe what the trainer did and how the horse behaved.
  • Pass the Assistant Trainer Test.
Before you can be a trainer
  • Meet the criteria to be an assistant trainer.
  • Learn to fill out the forms
  • Learn to enter data
  • Learn to Analyze Behavior
  • Explain how to use punishment effectively.
  • Explain how to use negative reinforcement effectively.
  • Demonstrate proficiency at bridging and delivering food at the correct times.
  • Demonstrate an ability to not use pressure automatically.
  • Pass the Trainer Test

Before you can be a Lead Trainer
  • Meet the criteria to be a trainer.
  • Demonstrate ability to Analyze problem Behavior and develop a prescriptive plan.
  • Demonstrate ability to decrease an unwanted behavior by forming and carrying out a plan for differential reinforcement.
  • Demonstrate ability to instruct assistant trainers in an informative non-judgemental, but direct way.

FAQs about staying at Mustang Camp (oriented towards Interns, but info for training assistants too. It is important to read this material. If you ask me questions that are on the FAQ after I have asked you to review the website carefully and apply online, there is NO chance I will give you a job because following directions is the most important qualification for the job.)

Write to me if you feel you want a job and  meet the criteria to be a trainer.
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