Wilder Yet!

 As if herds of wild horses weren't enough, we took on a seriously WILD challenge by volunteering to train a zebra. He had failed at Natural Horsemanship under a few trainers, so we were really excited to try out our science-based protocols on the stripey guy.

Spot arrived in November and we had 60 days to get him to where he could be petted, haltered, and led. Since this was a volunteer project we did not want to provide more free training, but instead slowed our process down to spread out over the whole time.

Our process worked wonders! This wild animal was soon human friendly and ready to be returned to his owner. The difference in value for an untrained and trained zebra is about $3,000.

We are hoping to have more rehab zebras in the future.                                                                                                                   

Zebra Training Playlist


Day 1 of Training


Good Zebra, Bad Zebra


Day 4: On the box


The Click and Stick Method


Day 10: Mane and Withers


Day 12: Petting Spot


Day 18: Intro to Rope


Day 20: Intro to Halter


Day 38: Unprotected Contact


Day 45: Christmas with Spot


Day 51: Conversations with a Zebra


Walking with Spot


Another Zebra Flick


Windy Walk with a Zebra