Mesa Verde Mustangs

Mesa Verde horses are the property of the National Mustang Association of Colorado. We are making referrals for potential adopters. Their fee structure and adoption requirements are slightly different than ours. If you would like to adopt one of the Mesa Verde Horses, register on this form: LINK TO FORM 

Every one of these horses is exceptionally calm and trusting towards people. They will make exceptional riding animals. They are all larger than most mustangs and correctly proportioned. These are amazing animals and we feel lucky to have been chosen to train them.

NOTICE: Any mares in this gather may be pregnant.

If you don't know the story of this remarkable herd and the incredible team of people working together to help these horses transition to a life with people, watch our video. See these horse's careful entry into the human world. This was a no-trauma model gather that should be the standard for all excess horse removals. See these horses while they were still wild!

ONLY ONE HORSE LEFT and he is a sweet one.

Breen is a colt who will be gelded before adoption. He is calm and eager to work with the humans. He claims the horse trailer as his personal hangout. He was most likely born early in 2022. LINK