Equinox was born in captivity to Artemis, who had been gathered up estray in McKinley County, NM. She is an extremely bold little girl. One day, Chester, the mule, got the gate open to Leo's pen. Leo is a big studly horse who likes to charge around and chase the smaller horses. Leo came running into the pen where Artemis and Equinox were living. Artemis ran to escape, but little Equinox charged at the big rampaging Leo and bit him on the shoulder, then wheeled to kick him. It set Leo back. He had never been attacked by a foal! Leo ended up living with Artemis, Salsa, and the two foals, Equinox and Cha-Cha. You can probably guess which of them Leo likes to hang out with? Spunky little Equinox!

Her mother is a pony-sized red roan but the sire is a full size chestnut horse.