Volunteer opportunities

Help Us Make a Difference in a Captured Wild Horse's Life

Mustang Camp is located in the middle of wilderness in Northern New Mexico on 12 acres. There is no shortage of volunteer work that is available. We have many opportunities depending on your skill set and time available.

Type of help needed includes:

  • Gardening
  • Cooking / shopping
  • General Maintenance
  • Farming
  • Help in the house
  • Animal care
  • Charity work
  • Office Work
  • Computer work
  • Fundraising

Or you may want to mix an adventure vacation with helping us around the camp. Or you could participate in our work/live program.

As many of our visitors have said about being around the wild horse herd - It's a life changing experience. Come experience the magic for yourself.

For information about these or other volunteer opportunities contact John Irick at 505-419-9754 or email john@mustangcamp.org