Mustang Camp

A New Mexico Non-Profit - Training Wild Horses and Burros for Adoption

Helping Horses Through Training

Mustang Camp

Mustang Camp is a New Mexico Non-Profit organization training wild and rescued horses for adoption. We are one of 10 licensed horse rescues in New Mexico. Our primary program consists of taking wild horses from U.S. government holding facilities and bringing them to Mustang Camp to be trained and socialized using our 26 step criteria program. Our secondary program is to train people to train horses. In recent years we have expanded our training program to rehabilitate rescued horses. We fully understand an approachable and trained horse is 100 times more likely to get adopted.

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The Challenge:

Without natural predators, wild horses and donkeys over-populate their ranges. Land managers round them up, but then what? There are over 45,000 un-adopted wild horses and donkeys being held in crowded holding camps across the west and that number continues to grow.

We have a plan...Help these animals through training.

Our Mission

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