Mustang Camp

A New Mexico Non-Profit - Training Wild Horses and Burros for Adoption

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Mustang Camp

Mustang Camp is a New Mexico non-profit organization training wild and rescued horses for adoption. We are one of 10 licensed horse rescues in New Mexico.

We take captive wild horses from U.S. government holding facilities and bring them to Mustang Camp to be trained and socialized using our 26 step criteria program. In recent years we have expanded our training program to rehabilitate rescued feral horses. An approachable and trained horse is 100 times more likely to get adopted.

We have recently launched the National Wild Horse and Burro Large Scale Gentling and Research Facility - Milan, NM where we will attempt to blend science-based training and technological process management to train mass numbers of animals.

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We wrote the book on burro adoption!

Peabody Gets Adopted

This delightful children's book is written especially for children aged 2-8. It’s a suitable read-aloud for preschoolers and a great self-read book for beginner readers. 20 beautiful colorful illustrations that children and adults simply love and photographs of the animals that inspired the story. A provided link will take the reader to the ongoing story of animals waiting for forever homes at Mustang Camp.

ISBN-13: 978-1-948808-00-2

By Mustang Camp, Patricia Irick, Aline Grindatto, Veronica Moore, Christine Ng.

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