Help us save and make a difference in the lives of Captured Mustangs and Burros!

Donations allow Mustang Camp to continue our work with captive wild horses.

Did you know that it takes us about 45 days to gentle and train a Burro/Mustang before they meet criteria to be adopted? Our records show that it costs around $600 to bring an animal through our system (hay and transport being our biggest expenses). Amazingly though, all of the training is done by volunteer staff (including Patricia) and exchange students under our step-by-step taming program, so donated dollars stretch farther and we are able to help more animals.

We are happy to say that in June 2017 we became registered as one of the ten licensed New Mexico Horse Rescues. Since then we have brought in wild horses from the Navajo Nation and the San Felipe Pueblo in Northern New Mexico from other rescue organizations who are not set up to deal with wild horses.

Our Numbers for 2017-2018 show why we are moving.

Time to ramp it up!

Current urgent need for Donations:

  • There is a credible threat that the mustangs in holding will be euthanized. We are stepping up to move to I-40 at Milan, NM and try to ramp up production to 100 horses a year. We took on 51 horses removed from a sanctuary in central New Mexico. We need money for their veterinary care (coggins tests, vaccines) and money to upgrade the facility.
  • See the MG&R Facility page for details or just donate below.

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You can pay through paypal to mustangcamp@gmail or send a check to Mustang Camp, POB 620, Blanco, NM 87412