A mustang rescue called me from California and asked if I could take a BLM jack-donkey. Nothing prepared me for the animal that had to be lifted by hand off of the trailer. He was hair and bones with no will to go on living, but I didn't know how to do anything but keep trying, so we started around the clock giving him water, Karo syrup, and any nourishment we could. After three days, he started to act more alive. He realized that there were jennies next door. 

I thought the root of his problem was his horrible teeth, so I made an appointment to have them done. After inspection, they let him close his mouth and told me he was too old and hardly had any teeth. He would have to be on senior feeds for the rest of his life. Gelding a very old jack is dangerous for the jack. They often bleed to death. The vet asked if I could just let him live out his life like he is.  He is Spot's neighbor. 

He loves people. He loves to bray at the jennies next door. He loves to wander around the yard and scratch himself on various surfaces. He comes up to present himself for scratches. You can't help but love this old guy. 

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