Mustang Camp

A New Mexico Non-Profit - Training Wild Horses for Adoption

Welcome to Mustang Camp!

We are compassionately helping solve the Mustang Crisis

Our Mission:

- Minimize captive horse suffering

- Train people to train wild horses

- Get wild horses adopted

The Challenge:

Without natural predators, wild horses can over-populate their ranges. Land managers round them up, but then what?

We have a plan.

Our Program:

Deep within Largo Canyon in the back country of northern New Mexico, we are giving the mustangs a positive appraisal of humans as we help them out of crowded holding pens and guiding them on their journey towards adoption. Mustang Camp has been providing a positive solution for these animals since 2009 by gentling and training wild horses in conjunction with the federal government – and finding them acceptable adoptable homes. Our positive reinforcement training methods take horse taming out of the realm of a dying cowboy art and putting it squarely into 21st century training technology.

You Can Help!