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Books by Patricia

Applied Behavior Science training book.


"I'm delighted to see the natural science of behavior, behavior analysis, working its way into more written works and helping both professionals and nonprofessionals alike become better trainers. How 2 Train A is an excellent addition to this trend ." - James O'Heare

Fiction: A murder at a wild horse round up rocks a small community that revolves around a cafe on a lonely highway. The waitress is keeping track of things and serving green chile cheese burgers.

Mustang Camp Art Work by Ailine Grin.

Now you can adopt an animal without needing to actually own an animal. We've put together an Etsy store to sell Aline Grin's wonderful watercolors of our animals.

Kingman the old burro from Arizona

Pippi a fierce warrior

The beast of burden

See more of Alin's watercolors at Etsy. Click here

Miscellaneous Swag

We have Totes, back scratchers, pictures and other goodies. Contact us for more info. All proceeds go to help the Horses.

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