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Applied Behavior Science training book.


"I'm delighted to see the natural science of behavior, behavior analysis, working its way into more written works and helping both professionals and nonprofessionals alike become better trainers. How 2 Train A is an excellent addition to this trend ." - James O'Heare

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FOR TRAINERS: The finished version of the Mustang Taming Workbook. Explains almost everything we do. Using this book and a calm demeanor, you can certainly gentle a mustang or burro.

Fiction: A murder at a wild horse round up rocks a small community that revolves around a cafe on a lonely highway. The waitress is keeping track of things and serving green chile cheese burgers.

FOR TRAINERS: A complete training journal set up for anyone with six or fewer horses. Contains horse bio pages, training plan workspaces, a cue registry, and hundreds of session records. Includes also a list of 101 things to teach a horse.

FOR TRAINERS: Professional size horse biography record book. Pages for 100 horses. When you fill it up, you can call yourself a horse trainer for sure.

FOR TRAINERS: Just a journal full of dots. Good to play hangman, create a dot journal, or make a training plan. Infinitely adaptable to your style.

FOR TRAINERS: 400 session records in a neatly bound book. It will facilitate becoming a better trainer by creating a record of what works well and what doesn't. You will find yourself on a new level of proficiency.

FOR TRAINERS: Would you know where to look up details about the last 100 animals you trained? As a professional, I know just how useful it is to have that information at your fingertips when you need it. This record book makes it easy to keep track of those little details. If you are just getting into training, make it an aspirational goal to have trained your next 100 dogs in the next 12 months.

FOR TRAINERS: 400 session records in a spiral bound journal. Make yourself use it and I will give you your money back if you don't become a better trainer by the 200th session.

FOR TRAINERS: Dot journal for writing out your training plans. But it is also very handy for many things. You could even get artistic and use it as a bullet journal.

Peabody Gets Adopted


Volunteer animal trainers from around the globe team up to write child’s book about a baby burro.

Mustang Camp releases new book, Peabody Gets Adopted.

Love for donkeys inspired an illustrator from France (Aline Grindatto), a photographer from England (Jasna Furlan), and writers in New York City (Veronica Moore) and northern New Mexico (Patricia Irick and Christine Ng) to join forces to produce a book about animal adoption. They originally met while training wild mustangs and burros for the adoption program at Mustang Camp.

Largo Canyon, New Mexico, USA and March 7, 2018

Mustang Camp is a non-profit organization that helps formerly wild animals transition to a life with people. It is operated by volunteers and students, placing 40 to 70 animals a year into private ownership. It works with the Bureau of Land Management, the US Forest Service, and rescue organizations. It is one of the 11 licensed equine rescues in New Mexico and directed by Dr. Patricia Irick, Ph.D.

“We all were enamored with the baby burros, so the story almost told itself,” said Irick, who also has a independent publishing website “We all wanted to contribute to the production and the miracle of the internet allowed us to complete the project despite the distance between everyone. It’s a classic tale of growing up and finding your place in the world, through the eyes of Peabody, a baby donkey born at Mustang Camp.

It’s a simple story. A wild but very strict mother, a zebra, and the best playmate ever help anxious little Peabody find his way to a forever home. This heart-warming story will help young readers understand animal adoption. Photos of the actual animals in the story add to the beautiful watercolor illustrations that were started in New Mexico but finished in Paris, France.

Peabody Gets Adopted is available on or from Mustang Camp. Support equine rescue and encourage the young people in your life to have empathy for animals by giving them this endearing book.