Zone Four: Becoming Manageable

UNDER CONSTRUCTION as of 2/22/2018

Task Twenty-three

  • Subtask1: Lead in pen areas (no evasions) *.

  • Subtask2: Lead into new area with Flight of Homing Pigeon (no evasions)

  • Subtask3: Lead through unfamiliar area (no evasions) *

Task Twenty-four

  • Subtask1: Stations at rope hanging from fence.

  • Subtask2: Tie at haybag (30 minutes with no OMGs <4)

  • Subtask3: Tie at highline (30 minutes with no OMGs <4)

  • Subtask4: Tie at rail/post in quiet area (30 minutes with no OMGs <4)

  • Subtask5: Stands tied while getting brushed (30 minutes with no OMGs <4) *

Task Twenty-five HIND

  • Subtask1: Allow hind legs to be countdown (5) petted to hooves 3x.

  • Subtask2: Lift hoof off heel upon cue "footie" with no latency (5x)

  • Subtask3: Roll foot onto toe and rest for duration (5) while cdp

  • Subtask4: Allow hind leg to be held and bounced for 5sec while foot is resting on toe 5x

  • Subtask5: Allow hind leg to be held off the ground 5 seconds 5x

  • Subtask6: Clean hind hooves 5x *

25Hind Videos

Task 25H. Holding the hoof with 2 hands

Task Twenty-five FRONT

  • Subtask1: Allow front legs to be countdown (5) petted to hooves 3x

  • Subtask2: Lift hoof upon request with no latency (5x)

  • Subtask3: Allow legs to be held for 5sec while hoof is off the ground 5x

  • Subtask4: Clean front hooves 5x *

Task Twenty-six

  • Subtask1: Eat hay from behind trailer (30minutes with no evasions)

  • Subtask2: Stepping onto wood, rubber or concrete surfaces and backing off 5x

  • Subtask3: Walk into ground trailer 5x

  • Subtask4: Step into trailer and back out calmly 5x *

  • Subtask5: Will load into trailer in response to pointing cue 5x