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PRINT THE MAP AND DIRECTIONS or bookmark so you can find on your cell phone. If you navigate with GPS, you may be directed to drive on pipeline right-of-ways instead of roads.

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GPS Coordinates: 36°28'43.4"N 107°31'43.3"W


Coming on US 64 from Bloomfield.

9 miles east of Bloomfield on US 64 is Blanco. Continuing east on 64 through Blanco, cross the San Juan River and climb the short hill. At the top of the hill (just before the 75 mile marker) is a dirt road (Co. Rd 4450) going south. Turn right onto this road and proceed south. You will be on the east side of the Largo wash.

About 3 miles in there will be a major fork in the road, stay on the right which will almost immediately take you around a bend to the suspension bridge across the Largo. If you go the wrong way, you will end up at Cutter Dam. After you cross the bridge, you will be on the west side of the Largo and you want to stay on the west side for the rest of the way.

Continue up the canyon. The next place to make a major mistake is to turn left onto Co. Road 7007 which would take you to the Blanco Church. You don't want to go there. A lot of people make this mistake, but I don't know why. The 7007 is well marked and takes you into a side canyon. Don't go there.

Then just stay on the Largo road. If you just stay on the main road in the main canyon and keep going south, you will get here. It will be a very long drive.

When you get to a very large building that looks like an Indian pueblo, that's us!

Coming on US 550 from Cuba

Turn on the little dirt road next to the Counselor Trading Post. It is marked County Road 379. Look at your odometer and figure out what 8.5 miles will be. The total distance coming this way is right around 24 miles.

Follow 379 for 8.5 miles. There will be a VERY LARGE cell tower by the road and some giant electrical lines. Turn left onto the road going north (which is really still CR 379) and go under the power lines. (If you cross a bridge, you went the wrong way at that turn. Go back to the cell tower and turn north.)

Follow the canyon north. Do not turn and go up any mesas or into any side canyons. You have to work hard to get lost, but many people seem to not mind going to the trouble of getting lost.

When you pass the Mustangs for Adoption sign you are there.

Call me if you get lost, broke down, or scared. 505-419-2575

Public Transportation for Non-Students (students will be picked up in Albuquerque)

ABQ Express Shuttle

One way tickets are $55. Departing from Albuquerque downtown RailRunner station at 9am arriving in Farmington at 12:30pm

Departs Farmington at 1pm and arrives in Albuquerque at 4:30pm THIS IS THE ONLY TRULY WORKABLE OPTION.

Navajo Transit

Route 18 goes on Monday though Thursday from Cuba to Farmington. It leaves the Cuba Health Center at 7:46am and arrives in Bloomfield at 9:25am. This is the absolute closest public transport to Mustang Camp. It costs $2/person.

Rio Metro (

The Rio Metro bus system will take you from the Sandoval/US 550 Rail Runner Station to San Ysidro. 6:47am 2:03pm, 5:17pm. and 6;13pm

From San Ysidro you take the bus to Cuba NM. 6:53am 2:39pm. Really only the 2pm ones are feasable. The station is called Sandoval/US 550.

RailRunner (

The Rio Metro also operates the New Mexico train system. The closest station is the Rail Runner Station in Bernalillo, NM

The closest terminal to the International Airport (Sunport) is the Bernalillo County station in the South Valley of Albuquerque. Trains leave there at 6:10am, 7:06am, 4:11pm, 6:29pm. There is bus service between the Sunport and the airport.

Mustang Camp Personal Transport Policy

STUDENTS COMING BY PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION WILL BE PICKED UP FROM AND RETURNED TO ALBUQUERQUE for free on the arrival and departure dates. We can picked up or drop off non-paying guests from Albuquerque at other times for $50 per trip. This trip cost can be split by multiple people.