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How to Find Us.

We are now in Milan, NM next to I-40. Take exit 79 and follow the little street beside the Love's Truckstop to the feed store. Pass the RV park. We are just past the second speed bump.

Public Transportation to Mustang Camp

The only public transportation option for the Grants/Milan area is the bus on I-40. There are Greyhound buses twice a day, morning and evening. We can easily pick you up at the bus stop.

The major airport for the region is Albuquerque. You can take a city bus to the transit center to get to the Greyhound station.

The region is also served by Amtrak trains. The Amtrak stops at the transit center, so it is easy to get to the bus station from there.

If we happen to be going to Albuquerque, it is possible we can pick you up, but we don’t go very often, so taking the bus is usually the best plan. Check with us before you buy your bus ticket.