Wild Horses Available for Adoption

Tamed Horses For Adoption

Annie She is 5 yo, Tobiano brown and white paint mare. More details to come! Link Here:

Arviso was taken by NMLSB. Confiscated from a bad situation. Not a mustang. Link Here:

Bella is a Tobiano Bay and White Paint mare. Age 4 yo. More details to come! Link Here:

Floyd is a Tobiano paint. ADOPTION PENDING Link Here:

Cheyenne is a White mare. Age: 10 yo. More details to come! Link Here:

Cheeta is a Bay Filly Age 1 yo. She is daughter to Little Boy and Margarita. She is a bit shy and saucy at the same time. Link Here

Cagney is a Bay gelding. His age is 8 yo. Self-confident horse. Likes human interaction. He will be easy to train! Link here:

Cimarron is a Sorrel colt gelding, Age 1 yo. More details to come! Link Here:

Durango is a Bay Gelding. ADOPTION PENDING Link Here:

Flicka is a Sorrel mare. ADOPTION PENDING Link Here:

Happy is a Black gelding. Estimated to be 8 yo. He likes to tussle with other horses (hence the battle scars) and he loves people. Used to be the horse that wanted to fight with the other stallions on the range. Sound and learn quickly. Stays calm and has an optimistic outlook. Link Here

Inkie is a beautiful Dapple Grey gelding. His age is 8 yo. Pretty reactive and not too sure about humans yet. This will change with training. Short backed. Link Here:

Joey is a Bay gelding. Age: 4 yo. He is a happy friendly chunky little horse. Joey learns easily. Very food motivated. Sound. Link Here

King is a Dappled Grey gelding. His age is 5 yo. Very quiet ad dignified horse. Self-assured. ADOPTION PENDING Link Here

Lacy is a Grey mare. She is 5 yo. More details to come! Link Here:

Little Boy is a Bay gelding. His age is 5 yo. Fearful of humans at this point but that will change when he gets trained. Link Here:

Marcos is a small Bay gelding. Calm disposition and willing in human interaction. Link Here

Moe Tobiano Brown and White Paint gelding. His age is 6 yo.. Quiet and beautiful. Stout and stocky boy. ADOPTION PENDING Link Here

Maya is a friendly and smart mare. She is three years old and, at almost 15hh, one of our larger horses. Link here

Negrito is a Black gelding. His age is 6 yo. Tends to be nervous and fearful about human contact until you start petting him. Link Here:

Nico is a Bay mare. Age 2 yo. More details to come! Link Here:

Pearl was rescued from an abusive home. She has learned to love working with her trainer for positive reinforcement, but she becomes fearful about pressure. She is about 9 years. Link here

Papa is a Bay gelding. His age is 6 yo. He has excellent confirmation. High strung and spirited. He likes the Frisbee in training, maybe he will like to play with toys! Link Here:

Pearly is a Grey mare. Age: Unknown. More Details to come! Link Here:

Pete is Pearl's son. He is a gelding. He is bold and full of himself. A fun horse! Link here

Rio a Sorrel gelding colt. Age 1 yo. Smart yearling gelding colt. His Dam is a Tobiano paint, Bella, whom is also on the page of adoptable horses to see comparison. He has an Alpha disposition like his mother. ADOPTION PENDING Link Here:

Ryder is a Black gelding. Age: 1 yo. He is reactive but likes people. The Boss to the colt herd. Link Here:

Romeo is a Bay gelding. Age 8 yo. Heart throb. Friendly and handsome and easy to train. Stifle issue in both hind legs. Link Here

Rita is a Bay Mare. Age 3 yo. More details to come! ADOPTION PENDING Link Here

Smokie Joe is a Dapple Gray gelding. Age: Unknown. He seems to have classic Spanish look. Shy with strangers. ADOPTION PENDING Link Here:

Sky is a Bay mare. Age 10 yo. More details to come! Link Here:

Storm is a Grey gelding. Age: 8 yo. Long mustache and long legs. Calm disposition. Link Here:

Sam Elliott is a Grey gelding. Age 7 yo. Funny mustache. Eager to be with people. Would make a great pony under saddle. Sound. Link Here

Sweetie is a Grey mare. Age: Unknown. More details to come! Link Here:

Tango is a White mare. Age 6 yo. More details to come! Link Here:

Tonka is a White gelding. Age: 8 yo. Offers spontaneous behavior. Not sound due to rear stifle issues. Link Here:

Windy is a Grey paint mare. Age: 3 yo. Friendly with people. Also very lively in a happy way. Link Here:

Zeus is a red Bay gelding. Age: Unknown. He is timid and somewhat distant. Classic Mustang appearance, an icon old man of the mountain. Link Here:

Trained Burros for Adoption

Spuds is still just a big shy guy. We'll let you know when he is ready to adopt. Link here

Louise is an escapee from a movie set. She loves and needs other donkey friends. Link Here:

Aubergine is a strong young gelding with a beautiful almost purple color. Very muscular for a donkey! Link here

Horses Needing Non-Riding Sanctuary Homes

Denali is a 10 year old Gelding. Bay, studly, titled horse with cartilage filled right hock. Unsound for riding, but a lot of personality. Live and laugh with this guy. Link here

Gizelle is a classic 10 year old mare. Bay, a bit excitable. Titled horse (for sale, not adoption), would make good pack-horse. Link here

Sequoia is a 12 year old mare. Dark bay, shy, quiet, titled (for sale, not adoption). Would make good pack-horse. Link here

Wingnut a.k.a. Victor a.k.a. MichaelAngelo was born in 2011 in Nevada. He has a split ear that you will only discover by petting it. He is opinionated. Link here

Cuddles is a six year old mare from the Jarita Mesa Herd which is managed by the USFS. She is a little spooky most of the time. Link here

Some of our long term horses are sponsored by individual and small business contributors, who pay $50 a month for their feed and care. Ledbetter Plumbing of Alamogordo, NM sponsors Denali and Gizelle. Anja and Ben, of Santa Fe, NM, sponsor Lefty and Cuddles. Natasha, of Charlie Lake, BC, and Sena Fitzpatrick, of Pine Hill, NM, each provide a partial sponsorship of Sequoia. Amanda, of Santa Fe, NM, provides a sponsorship for Wingnut.

You can sponsor a horse too. Donate at Donorbox

For information about these or other horses for adoption contact John Irick at 505-419-9754 or email john@mustangcamp.org

Animals adopted to homes in states other than New Mexico require a veterinary health inspection. The cost of this is generally around $50 per animal. We will take the animal to the vet, but this charge must be paid by the out-of-state adopter as a deposit on the delivery.