Wild Horses Available for Adoption

Tamed Horses For Adoption

Wren is a young filly that has responded very well to positive reinforcement taming. She is anxious about other horses so will be best with just one equine friend. Link here.

Gavino is an 8 yo Dun gelding. Mostly El Rito mustang. Very friendly and easy to train. Link Here:

Pacheco (aka Speckles) is a fancy pony that will work hard for his treats. He is not super friendly, but looking for a fair deal. He is not quite 13hh. He likes to boss other horses around. Link here

Bravo is a 5 year old gelding gathered from Placitas, New Mexico. He is just shy of 14 hh. He learns quickly and is nice to handle. Link here.

Belle Parker is the wildest horse gathered by the Forest Service in New Mexico. She took 60 days of intense training to turn into a sweetheart, but she has since become a mother. She and her baby boy, Nugget, are eligible for adoption, but they cannot be moved from Mustang Camp until mid-August. They cannot be adopted separately until 2022. Link here

Emiliano is half quarter horse and half mustang. He is 8 yo. Bay with star. Quiet and willing. In Santa Fe with trainer. Link Here PROVISIONALLY ADOPTED

No Trained Burros Available Now

Horses Needing Non-Riding Sanctuary Homes

Denali is a 10 year old Gelding. Bay, studly, titled horse with cartilage filled right hock. Unsound for riding, but a lot of personality. Live and laugh with this guy. Link here

Gizelle is a classic 10 year old mare. Bay, a bit excitable. Titled horse (for sale, not adoption), would make good pack-horse. Link here

Sequoia is a 12 year old mare. Dark bay, shy, quiet, titled (for sale, not adoption). Would make good pack-horse. Link here

Wingnut a.k.a. Victor a.k.a. MichaelAngelo was born in 2011 in Nevada. He has a split ear that you will only discover by petting it. He is opinionated. Link here

Some of our long term horses are sponsored by individual and small business contributors, who pay $50 a month for their feed and care. Ledbetter Plumbing of Alamogordo, NM sponsors Denali and Gizelle. Anja and Ben, of Santa Fe, NM, sponsors Sequoia. Amanda, of Santa Fe, NM, provides a sponsorship for Wingnut.

You can sponsor a horse too. Donate at Donorbox

For information about these or other horses for adoption contact John Irick at 505-419-9754 or email john@mustangcamp.org

Animals adopted to homes in states other than New Mexico require a veterinary health inspection. The cost of this is generally around $50 per animal. We will take the animal to the vet, but this charge must be paid by the out-of-state adopter as a deposit on the delivery.