Wild Horses Available for Adoption

Trained Horses For Adoption

Artemis roamed as a feral horse for many years. She was finally rounded up south of Gallup, New Mexico. She would make a good companion horse. She is probably about 15 years old. Link here

Cash is an older horse that was found roaming south of Gallup. His owner said it was originally his grandfather's horse. Cash was relinquished to the McKinley County Humane Society. We think he is probably broke to ride, but a long time ago. Tenatively adopted. Link here

Cuddles is a six year old mare from the Jarita Mesa Herd which is managed by the USFS. She is a little spooky most of the time. Link here

Hudson is a big stout horse. Okay, stocky and strong. Maybe even chubby. But he likes to play and he is nice to handle. There is a good chance he has been ridden in his younger days. Tenatively adopted. Link here.

Lefty is six and from the Jarita Mesa Herd. He was adopted for 3 years and returned when his adopter died. Link here

Victor a.k.a. MichaelAngelo was born in 2011 in Nevada. He has a split ear that you will only discover by petting it. He is opinionated. Link here

This young playful gelding likes to engage with the trainer or tease the zebra in the pen next door. Gibson is 14 hands and growing. Link here.

The former band stallion of the horses gathered by the NM Livestock Board from Cabezon, now a shy gelding. He doesn't seem to have ever been trained, but he is branded. Gobi would be happiest to be adopted with Sahara. Link here.

Kalahari is the daughter of Sahara and Gobi. A cream colored pinto buckskin! Just a yearling, but a bold baby. Loves to be scratched.Link here.

Sahara is just a pony of 13.2 hands. We think she must have been trained at some time in her life because she seems to know stuff. She wears the same brand as Gobi. She is highly food motivated.Link here.

Trained Burros for Adoption

Chansey is the shy one of the herd. 12 hh She currently loves being scratched on the left side of her body, but is too nervous to have people stand on the right. This will change, but she is going to need some time. Link here.

Ditto is a mixture of worry and bravado at this point in training. She is bossy with the other jennies. 11hh Link here.

Rosalia is a tiny roan girl with a can-do temperament. She tends to go her own way, so it took her a while to warm up to humans, but now she is a trusting friend. 10.2hh Tenatively adopted. Link here.

Bellsprout was briefly with an adopter who realized he did not have the capacity to care for the animals. She is back. She is super friendly, calm about horses, and pretty old.

Jerome runs to get petted when he sees us coming. He loves people and can only go to a home where people will spend time with this old fellow.

Horses Needing Non-Riding Sanctuary Homes

Denali is a 10 year old Gelding. Bay, studly, titled horse with cartilage filled right hock. Unsound for riding, but a lot of personality. Live and laugh with this guy. Link here

Gizelle is a classic 10 year old mare. Bay, a bit excitable. Titled horse (for sale, not adoption), would make good pack-horse. Link here

Sequoia is a 12 year old mare. Dark bay, shy, quiet, titled (for sale, not adoption). Would make good pack-horse. Link here

Telsa is a 7 year old gelding with a good heart. He is a little excitable and would love a caring home. $25 adoption fee for this wonderful spirit. Link here

Some of our long term horses are sponsored by individual and small business contributors, who pay $50 a month for their feed and care. Ledbetter Plumbing of Alamogordo, NM sponsors Denali and Tesla. Anja and Ben, of Santa Fe, NM, sponsor Lefty and Cuddles. Natasha, of Charlie Lake, BC, provides a partial sponsorship of Sequoia.

You can sponsor a horse too. Donate at Donorbox

For information about these or other horses for adoption contact John Irick at 505-419-9754 or email john@mustangcamp.org

Animals adopted to homes in states other than New Mexico require a veterinary health inspection. The cost of this is generally around $50 per animal. We will take the animal to the vet, but this charge must be paid by the out-of-state adopter as a deposit on the delivery.