Help Us Make a Difference in the Life of a Captured Wild Horse or Burro

In 2023, we are taking long-term volunteers who are fully vaccinated, observing a quarantine period, and limiting exposure to other people.

For the last 20 years, we have been providing volunteer opportunities to people who want to experience the extraordinary world of the Largo Canyon School. For the last 9 years, this has revolved around training mustangs. Hundreds of volunteers have passed through and returned to the bigger world having challenged themselves to grow their skills, their muscles, and their circle of friends. As of 2012, we separated our volunteer program from our internship program so that we can continue to offer the experience without requiring a commitment to animal training. 

Expectations: We welcome good help, but we also have expectations. Volunteers have to commit 4 hours a day to doing whatever needs done. Days off are only scheduled when there are blizzards and even then there are horses to be fed. You have to take responsibility to fulfilling your time commitment. We don't mind volunteers taking off to go explore the area, but we don't provide food and lodging to people who aren't helping. We are not a dude ranch and we don't have riding horses.

As a volunteer, you will also be involved in the non-horse aspects of life at Mustang Camp. This may include gardening, gathering firewood, cleaning, construction, etc. The principle focus will still be horses, but you will not be a student enrolled in the certification course. If that is what you are looking for, go to the Internships page. If you want to get some experience training mustangs but don't want to do the class, volunteer in February and March and be prepared to muck in exchange for supervised training experience.

No drama, please! The function of whining is to spread misery, we send whiners away as fast as possible. We don't have time to listen to it. Don't show up here and start whining. We are also very sensitive to people who try to manipulate others. Please don't come if you require a lot of personal attention or have an alcohol problem. Don't come if you can't handle dust, mud, flies, mosquitoes and all other things that come naturally to a working ranch environment.

Benefits: We will find you a place to sleep. We will buy the groceries but not from the health food store. You might eat a lot of peanut butter sandwiches with us. If you can't accept and appreciate that, don't show up. (But the truth is we have pretty good chow with Chef John in the kitchen!)

On the positive side, well there is a lot on the positive side, but I would rather you didn't expect too much. There is very little opportunity for riding at Mustang Camp. It's all about ground work. 

FAQ's about staying at Mustang Camp (oriented toward Interns but info for volunteers also)

You may not bring guns onto our property without our written consent. 

Our Workaway.info listing We accept volunteers through the Workaway system. We have a lot of reviews on our page.

To apply, sign up on this form:  Volunteer Application