This little spunky donkey is full of surprises. Her right hind leg bends at an impossible angle. It doesn't slow her down. If any donkey is going to bust through the electric fence to climb the hill, it's Frieda. Just when you are worried about how on earth you can get her back down the hill on 3 good legs, she hops down the slope like a deer. I called the USFS who had her in 2019 to see if they knew what happened to cause it, but they said she came that way. They were planning to euthanize her when she suddenly gave birth to a foal (perhaps Carnation?), so someone adopted her.

 I can pick up her hooves for trimming in short stints. She is amazing.  She has to be adopted with at least one other of the Kaibab donkeys.

The rectangular image is a video. Click on it to see how she walks. That is Ramina and Jessica with her when they first arrived.

To adopt this or any other animal at Mustang Camp, call the adoption coordinator, John Irick at 505-419-9754 or email

We can reserve your horse upon receipt of signed application form.