About Mustang Camp 

A New Mexico Non-Profit Organization Training Wild Horses for Adoption

About Mustang Camp

Mustang Camp is a New Mexico Non-Profit organization training wild horses for adoption. Mustang Camp is located in the old Largo Canyon School facility on 14 acres within remote wilderness land in northern New Mexico. Our mission is to reduce the suffering of captive horses through humane training practices, train people to train horses, and to get horses adopted to suitable homes.  We are were the only organization in the world that is using the science of learning to address the mustang crisis - and we want to help other people learn to use these well-tested methods.   

Our program consists of bringing excess wild horses and burros to Mustang Camp to be trained and socialized using our 26 step criteria program.  It's quite simple, the animal is trained in the 26 steps and when they can be caught, haltered, led, loaded into a horse-trailer, stand tied, and have their feet trimmed, they become available for adoption to suitable homes on behalf of the government or the NGO holding title. A trained and approachable animal is 100 times more likely to be adopted.  We receive our funding to conduct the training through organizations such as Mustang Heritage Foundation Trainer Incentive Program (TIP), through government grants, or through the donations of our supporters.  It takes us roughly 45 days to bring an average wild horse through our system to be ready for adoption.

We also provide a positive rescue environment for starving or abused horses and horses needing emotional rehabilitation.  We partner with the local northern New Mexico humane societies, animal control offices, and horse rescues to provide loving care and training to get these animals emotionally and physically well for adoption to better homes.   There is no shortage of horses in northern New Mexico that are in need of help. The use of Least-Coercive principles of animal training pay off for these animals.


We are the proud Recipients of support from the Carroll Petrie Foundation, the ASPCA, the Albert Schweitzer Animal Welfare Fund, Wells Fargo Bank, HP Inc. and the Mustang Heritage Foundation.

Mustang Camp Managers.  

John and Patricia do it all.

Helping Horses Through Training

We use a science based approach. Many people imagine mustang training with rearing, running, snorting horses, but we do everything we can to avoid that scenario. How it works might surprise you.  We're taking horse taming out of the realm of a dying cowboy art and putting it squarely into 21st century training technology.

This training technology works on all species of animals. It is what they use to train sea mammals, free flight bird shows, agility dogs, zoo animals. Learning our methods will not only qualify you to train mustangs, it will boost your abilities as a trainer of any kind of critter.

We promote a value-adding solution to the American mustang crisis. It requires moving away from a perspective of the mustangs as a disposal problem to an understanding that owning an American icon of freedom and loyalty is a privilege.