Zone Three: Yeilding to Pressure

UNDER CONSTRUCTION as of 2/22/2018

Task Fifteen

  • Subtask1: Move to put jaw next to trainer's shoulder by moving forward or back

  • Subtask2: Move head/body away from trainer in response trainer being too close.

  • Subtask3: Walk in position with trainer without pushing against trainer *

  • Subtask4: Follow trainer at liberty at various speeds *

Task Sixteen

  • Subtask1: Accept CDP(5) with rope 3x

  • Subtask2: Accept rope around girth, neck, rump, back 3x *

  • Subtask3: Accept rope on legs 3x *

  • Subtask4: Walk calmly with a rope dragging beside

Task Seventeen

  • Subtask1: Yield to side pressure on halter by turning neck

  • Subtask2: Move feet to follow lead rope pressure *

  • Subtask3: Head down in response to lead pressure *

  • Subtask4: Nose-to-girth posture from halter cue

Task Eighteen

  • Subtask1: Turns toward Trainer.

  • Subtask2: Turns away from Trainer

  • Subtask3: Follows in figure 8 with jaw at trainer’s shoulder

Task Nineteen

  • Subtask1: Move to target face to flag

  • Subtask2: Accept flagging on body, legs, and head 5x *

  • Subtask3: Follow flag in a figure 8 *

Task Twenty

  • Subtask1: Yield haunches 1 step

  • Subtask2: Yield haunches immediately

  • Subtask3: Yield haunches 8 steps in a row *

Task Twenty-one

  • Subtask1: Walk forward around trainer in response to rope tapping hip.

  • Subtask2: Yield haunches from a walk forward in response to lead rope and trainer pressuring hip away

  • Subtask3: Yield front quarters in direction indicated by lead rope (step 3 Halter Driving)

Task Twenty-two

  • Subtask1: Back up one step in response to rope wiggle

  • Subtask2: Back up immediately upon rope wiggle request

  • Subtask3: Back up six steps in response to rope wiggle *