Nelly & Amelia

This pair of jennies came in from an auction in California where they had been discarded by a BLM adopter. Life got way better for them in New Mexico! 

Nelly has a cataract in her right eye, rendering her blind on that side, but she is fearless. One day, I was sitting in my office and turned around to find Nelly in the doorway. She had found an open door and came in to explore. Warning: she will savage a feed bag. 

Amelia is on the opposite end of the donkey personality spectrum. I think someone may have tried to train her in traumatic ways as she just cannot be on a lead rope without anxiety. She took months to be able to accept food from a human hand. It seems to be very important for her to have Nelly for support so they have to go together. They will be available when Amelia can cooperate to have her hooves trimmed. We were using Amelia to produce a training video series in 2023 when her fear of rope interrupted her progress

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