Working Cooperatively for the Rescue of Feral Horses

In 2017, we started working with equine rescues to help with the training issues of unhandled horses. Mustang Camp provides free training to equine rescue personnel from across the nation. We also take feral horses from other rescues and NGOs in our local area, including the National Mustang Association of Colorado. We have helped feral horses roaming from out of the Navajo Nation as well as animals the controversial horse herds along the Rio Grande in Northern New Mexico. We have trained and found homes for horses from two mustang sanctuaries that had to close.

We help find homes for feral horses gathered as estray by the New Mexico Livestock Board (NMLB). The organization Animal Protection of New Mexico provides support for us to train and find homes for the unhandled horses and burros gathered by the NMLB.

We also maintain the blog New Mexico Estray Equine to help unite lost horses with their owners. This work is done by volunteers who monitor the NMLB estray notices and prepare them to be shared on social media. It is easy for horses to get lost in the vastness of New Mexico. We want the owners to find them.

Tango was one of three horses we took from the controversial herds along the Rio Grande. She now lives in Colorado on a cattle ranch.

Equinox was a 6 month old foal when she arrived. She was adopted with Cha-Cha by a family with children.

Artemis came off the Navajo Nation. She now lives near Pie Town, NM

Cash was found wandering along the highway. He now lives in La Joya, NM

El Jefe was a problem for his rescue. They sent him here for gentling. 

Hudson was wandering with Cash. These best friends are still together.

Valoroso was a stallion stealing hay at a flea market. Now he lives with a doctor in Albuquerque.

Cha-Cha came in with Tango. She bonded with Equinox.

Casper and Punkin wandered off the Navajo Nation. Casper now lives in Belen, NM and Punkin lives near Pagosa Springs, CO.